MATTERS… what does it all mean?

COG Matters is proud to announce the ‘Matters’ sections as a part of the Organisations vision and strategy underpinning all of the COG Matters values and delivery. Stay tuned as each ‘matter’ is launched over the coming months via case study and project timeline story.

COG Matters values knowledge acquisition; engaging the mind, positive youth support, research and interventions derived from evidence based best practice and social responsibility.  Business expertise in Not For Profits, Project Development and Management and Social Enterprising support are all a part of the offers and underpinning values of our consultants.


At COG Matters our philosophy is based on the notion that in today’s world there is no black and white, and perhaps there never has been. It is important to acknowledge that individualized education is needed for all of our children.

COG Matters provides an education consultancy, named Cognitive Engagement Matters for the intellectual, interest and motivational engagement needs of the individual child/youth to synchronise social and emotional processing, self-regulation and academic skill development.  Services are offered to individuals and their families, and group sessions, in all education settings for all age groups. We work in collaboration with varied health and education professionals to create more opportunities for the individual child/youth.

COG Matters currently shares offices with Psychologists, Education Psychologists and Speech Therapists in Melbourne, Australia, and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, all working in the same specialist field.

COG Matters is pleased to announce office location and services to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.  Director, Emma Donaldson, offers  an individual private consultancy and social skill development groups for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gifted Learners.  Further, Emma meets with families and offers education planning and advice.

A number of individual and group sessions are being offered to the children, youth, families and schools in Grand Cayman and Melbourne.  Please see our flyers for more information!

A member of our team, Ms Ashley Roberts, SLP, to facilitate the “Sociables” and “Curious Club” Social Skill Development Groups.


At COG Matters, we advocate for feeding the mind with super foods. Often asked if food makes a difference to how we interact and learn, experience in the field of neurodiversity points to the advantages of a clean body for a clear mind.

CASE:  We are pleased to promote the wondrous and delicious pistachio nut. Located at the foothills of the Pyrenees in North Central Victoria, the Green Nugget Estate pistachio haven produces organic and hand picked nuts. Used as a snack food or creative addition to a myriad of food delights, GNE produces A grade nuts available from small to bulk nut eating needs! For more information please email, or search our site to purchase the nut, right here, right now!


Social Problem Solving Matters is the giving arm of COG Matters.  Our Social Problem Solving Matters promotes our Organisational support for our community and industry.

CASE:  COG Matters Director, Emma Donaldson, is currently Administration Co-Director of the Special Needs Foundation of Cayman.  The Organisation is growing in membership and support for individuals and families with special needs in the Cayman community.  Community Meetings, Parent Support Groups and Member Meetings are held monthly.  A variety of Special Needs information and advocacy is provided by the Organisation to families with children aged 0-18.  For more information, visit


COG Matters values the sharing of information and knowledge.  Our team provides expertise in article and report writing and position papers as a part of the services offered to clients.  Contact our team today for your next writing needs in education, health, disability and business.  We look forward to writing for you!

CASE: A collaboration with Clever Girl Media has seen the development and launch of online publication Sassy&Able. This collaboration is a forum to engage business minded people, and promote people doing unconventional business models with success.  The publication profiles and comments on extraordinary and serendipitous business developments from around the globe.  Co-Founders Emma and Clare are delighted with the first editions and will be bringing more articles and profiles on a regular basis!  Visit and indulge your business reading soul!


Connection Matters is our training and development arm, which combines our project development with specific training.  The Connection Matters enables the COG Matters team to provide tailored training and professional development, in order to effectively execute the vision and strategy of the project.  Importantly, it allows the Organisation to utilise the knowledge and learning opportunities provided by the COG  Matters consultancy to effectively manage utilising internal human capital.

CASE: Our team has currently been located at Cedar International School in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, developing and training all staff toward differentiated learning and special needs support and a new Student Support Services centre.


By now, reading this page of our services, you will realise our core beliefs in wellbeing for the mind and soul.  Therefore, a wellbeing section of our Matters offering, will come as no surprise!  Our newest and timely launch of Wellbeing Matters is focussed on connecting our rural and remote communities in addressing health access and support means with particular focus on mental health and dementia.  Our areas of support and understanding comes with connecting services, stories, needs and the impact of distance on people with mental health and dementia, together with the support needed for families.

CASE:  Focussed in Victoria, Australia, we are finely tuning our pitch to Government, wish us luck!  We will keep you updated!

Coming Soon!