Preparing Your Child for Kindy and School

As long as I can remember, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a hairdresser. Determined, at the age of 16, I applied for an apprenticeship and participated in a trial day at a trendy hair salon. I quickly changed my career aspirations, as from this experience, I realised there was no way I could … [Read more...]

Play Date Consciousness

There are various experiences parents have with the play date game. Emma Donaldson shares her thoughts on how you can have and be more aware of’ ‘Play Date Consciousness’. Very early on, we teach our children the importance of friends. From the time we place them next to each other in nappies on … [Read more...]

The Plan is, there is no plan…..

That's the lesson I've learnt this week, month, year. The uncertainty of our world is something we should embrace, but as humans yearning for programming and for the most part, not wanting the burden of having to think for ourselves in complex situations, being happy about the unknown is a task we … [Read more...]

From Sassy & Able Edition 1.

Living and working in the Caymans, a long way from home, I have the unique pleasure and great opportunity of meeting many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all congregated on this little island paradise. I hear stories regularly of individuals who have made or want to make a change for a simpler … [Read more...]

Think, share and think again

On one of my recent long distance calls to Clare at Clever Girl Media, I discussed with her ideas for an upcoming TED talk.  Knowing the special needs field and educational philosophy in which COG Matters and PLIESE works, she was quick to suggest watching a very interesting and thought provoking … [Read more...]

From our friends at PLIESE!

What is PLIESE?!  Portable, Lasting, Integrated, Education based on Self Exploration.  This Learning Tool, developed in Central Victoria, Australia, it is a core tool to assist with the Cognitive Engagement needs of learners today.  Emma Donaldson is currently utilising the PLIESE tool as a part of … [Read more...]