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Living and working in the Caymans, a long way from home, I have the unique pleasure and great opportunity of meeting many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all congregated on this little island paradise.

I hear stories regularly of individuals who have made or want to make a change for a simpler existence. The corporate woman turned waitress, the construction business owner turned sailor, CEO turned volunteer, and city dwellers turned tree and sea dwellers.

But nothing highlighted this yearning for things to be simpler more than one of my regular Skype conversation with my dear mum in Australia.

Mum has made a recent career change herself. Once a member of the loyal employee brigade in a mismanaged and toxic executive environment for more than 10 years, she is now the administrator at a local, very small catholic primary school near our home town.

On this occasion, in my regular enquiry of, “so, how was your day?” mum replied, “Oh, you know, just the usual, as well as applying Band Aids, icepacks and – oh yeah – making honey sandwiches.”

“Honey sandwiches?” I exclaimed!  This was a new task!

Mum went on to explain that a young boy in prep had reported to her that “no one at home packed my lunch”.  When Mum set about solving the lunchtime dilemma, she asked the distraught little boy what he would like for lunch, to which he replied, “Two honey sandwiches, please”.

Mum took action and made a call to the boy’s home, and his father, who laughed at the fact the little boy’s lunch had been forgotten, said he would drop it to the school at lunchtime.  Upon Mum’s return to the school after lunch, the little boy reported to reception again, saying, “no-one came with my lunch.”

Mum promptly made a trip back home to make the little boy his two honey sandwiches. “It was the least I could do,” said Mum.

Tugging at my heart strings for a number of reasons, this tale just screamed of the yearning for the simple pleasures that would otherwise make us all content.

It made me think, that sometimes I too want only to ask for two honey sandwiches – nothing more, not much less!  That is, for life to be simple enough that this is the extent of wanting and needing.

And from a  lifestyle and business perspective toothe tale of the little boy only wanting his two honey sandwiches made me think back to the people I encounter daily who are searching – sometimes desperately – that almost childlike simplicity.

All of these people have said, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

There are probably numerous reasons and of course, stories that lead to the eventual change.

The changes some people do make and the story that accompanies such innovation and change fascinate me.  That complete journey from being a content child wanting only a simple lunch, to climbing the corporate heights and back again.

It also conjured a deeper reflection about adult play and its ability to help solve complex daily problems.  When we feel that we have to grow up, and perhaps to an extent do, are we left yearning for a footloose, fancy-free life?

Are there only some of us that can and do take action to make life Never Never Land? Or in the case of me and my fellow islanders, a tropical wonderland?

At the time that my skype session with mum occurred and she told me about the boy and his two honey sandwiches, I was navigating a very management heavy project in one country and another politically tumultuous project in another country, all while being far away from home.

I felt like I was trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with colours that would never align.

All I wanted was to be able to ask for two honey sandwiches!  Something comforting that would make it all better and easier to navigate!

Interestingly though, by shifting my mind to a more simple space and removing the complexity, the solutions to my big adult problem came easily.

Just like the little boy at mum’s school, by not thinking about the big problems like people not taking responsibility for preparing lunches etc, I was able to clear my head and focus on the sweet and satisfying end game. Simple.

As I currently live in Never Never Land, two honey sandwiches is a space to explore the career changes, lifestyle changes and location changes for those who have and want a simpler existence or to change and innovate in their current life and work style.

These stories serve as an inspiration to us all, showcasing how people have unravelled themselves, recreated themselves and reaped the rewards of a simple life change and the stories which lead them to the new place.

Two honey sandwiches will be featuring creative and happy places to live and work, inspiration to us all as we create new work environments and places to make (or have made for us) two honey sandwiches.

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